What’s in a Name?

Konner Paxton's story as told by Lisa Renze-Rhodes I want to use my name. I want to use my name and tell my story because there are others, there are kids who need to know that someone feels like them, is like them. And they are here for a reason, because I am here for a reason. We all have a … [Read more...]

Facing Intolerance: Avery’s Story

 Awake: Pastor Avery Sledge's Story As told by Kailey Mau How do we know who we are? It's that big mystery in life; an enigma. It took many years for me to sort this out. I'll start with this: I am a transgender person. I'm also a United Church of Christ Pastor. Society says being a … [Read more...]

The World Through the Eyes of Another

Laura Williamson’s Story. Laura is 46. As told to Monique Armstrong   I can stand with those that are walking through deep waters because I’ve walked through my own. My three-year-old son died. Unexpectedly. Doesn’t get much deeper than that. Tragic loss can find us, but it is our … [Read more...]

Make A Difference

Through the Facing project, many can change lives by telling their story. You may think it isn't a story worth telling, but there are many out there who may need to hear it. Communities can come together to help each other. Below is a story written by our own, Kelsey Timmerman. His story proved to … [Read more...]

Meet The New Team Members!

Our team has gained two new hardworking, dedicated volunteers! Meet Madeline and Amanda! Madeline Grosh Sophomore at Ball State University Photojournalism/Advertising Major Madeline’s studies have focused on live coverage of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as well as creating social media … [Read more...]

A Look Through Their Eyes

A Look Through Their Eyes

Just because someone is from another country doesn't mean they need to earn our respect or support. We shouldn't make them feel unwanted or unworthy of being here just because they can't speak English perfectly. Our country is supposed to accept people and not shun them for a belief or religion. … [Read more...]

Through it All

Below is Lonna's Poem. This story was first seen in the Facing Racism project a few months back. I think it's time for others to read it as an inspiration. In a time like this, people need to come together and appreciate the small things in life. If everyone could be kind to one another or stand up … [Read more...]